Ten Most Forgotten Items During A Move

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Ten Most Forgotten Items During A Move

When moving day arrives, there’s nothing quite like the nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something. A good rule of thumb is that the last things you use are likely to be those that are forgotten, they are also likely to be the first things you will need in your new home. So, label a box “Last/First” and put into it the last things your family uses on moving day. That’ll be the box you open first in your new home.


Here are ten of the most forgotten items during a move:

Lawn Mower. Although this is not a small item that’s easy to miss, it is easy to forget your lawn mower because it’s likely to be stored in an outbuilding or other location outside of the home.

Medicine. When travelers go on vacation, their medicine is one of the most commonly forgotten items. Therefore, it just stands to reason that it may also be easily overlooked during a move.

Tools. We use tools for everyday fix-it projects, but we rarely think to pack them. Tools are important but, because they are not something that’s used on a daily basis, they are easy to miss when packing for a move.

Flashlight. When the electricity is out or you find yourself out after dark, these handy gadgets are a necessity. Moving day, however, often finds families in the dark when they realize they have forgotten their trusty flashlight.

Bathroom Plunger. It’s not a glamorous essential, but it is a necessary one nonetheless. Because a plunger is intentionally made to be unobvious when stored in a bathroom, it’s easy to overlook on moving day.

Coffee Maker. If you or someone in your family is a lover of caffeine, your coffee maker is a kitchen essential. Because it’s likely to be one of the last things that you will use before leaving the home, it’s also likely to be forgotten.

Toilet Paper. Speaking of one of the last things that you will use before you leave the home, toilet paper is it. It’s also likely to be among the first things you’ll need in your new home.

Fire-Resistant Security Box. Most families have these, but many forget them during a move. They can be overlooked as they are often stored in an inconspicuous place.

Bills. Believe it or not, bills are easy to forget. Most people think about the obvious items that they can see, but it’s too easy to accidentally shuffle in some new bills with the old ones and simply discard them. Same goes for cheque books. They often get packed away inadvertently, especially now that we don’t use them all that much anymore. However, you may need to pay the movers or anyone else by cheque on moving day.


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