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Still Searching?

Are you looking to move but your search for a new home is taking longer than you’d like? Below are few factors that might be holding you back from finding and purchasing your next home.


  • An inability to see past cosmetic flaws. Gaudy wallpaper, stained carpets, outdated fixtures, and sloppy paintjobs are off-putting, but if you can’t look past such superficial, easily remedied problems, you may well end up passing over properties that meet your needs as far as the important things such as ‘’bone structure’’, size, layout, location, and price are concerned.


  • Unrealistic expectations. Are you waiting for ‘’the perfect home’’ to come along? After more than a decade in the business, I know for a fact that the perfect house does not exist, no matter what your price point. So, it may be time to reevaluate your list of needs versus wants. There will always be some compromises, you just need to figure out what features are deal makers or breakers.
  • Looking in the wrong price point. Are you wasting time looking at homes that are beyond reach of your budget? If you haven’t already, talk to a mortgage consultant about what you can afford. You should always be pre-qualified for financing before starting your search. How will you otherwise know what to look at?
  • There are a few reasons you may be suffering from paralysis by analysis: fear of experiencing buyer’s remorse, always thinking there’s a better home just around the corner, or holding out for a better deal. Of course you don’t want to rush into buying a home before you’re ready, but you have to be ready to pull the trigger if you come across a house that checks your boxes.
  • You’re trying to do it all yourself. Although getting familiar with the market through the internet is a good place to start, endless hours spent combing through sites can be very counter-productive. I can help you to narrow your search and find the right home more quickly. Clients often tell me “I don’t want to waste your time”. I appreciate the consideration, but realistically looking at and for homes IS my job. That is not a waste of time. I can help by presenting you with only those properties (even ones not actively being advertised) that meet your criteria.



I specialize in residential real estate in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Mississauga. My goal is to provide you with an exceptional level of service that will ease you into your next home, through every stage of life. If you, or anyone you know, are considering a move and would like to receive listings, let me know and I can get you started. I am never too busy for you or any of your referrals.

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