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Setting the Stage

Have you considered the possibility of having your home professionally staged before it goes on the market? In some markets, like ours, the buyers have come to expect homes to be staged and are often disappointed when they come across one that isn’t. Here are four reasons you may consider going this route.

  • Staging helps you think like a buyer. In other words, it helps you view your property not as your home, but as a product to be marketed and sold like any other. The sooner you adopt that perspective, the better off you’ll be – everything from showings, to contract negotiations, to moving day is easier when you have a more objective attitude


  • Staging can help sell your home faster. Surveys have shown that properties that have been staged sell anywhere from 30 to 80 percent more quickly than those that haven’t been staged. A staged home photographs and shows better, generating more interest, leading to more offers. As a result, staged homes tend to spend fewer days on the market.


  • Staging can help to justify your asking price. You may say that in the current GTA market conditions, justifying your asking price isn’t as big an issue. That may be true; however, staging can help you fetch a higher price for your home. Just as surveys have shown that staged properties sell more quickly, they often also show that staged properties can sell for more money than those that haven’t been staged. Often, the resultant price increase is far higher than the cost of hiring a home stager.


  • Outside of the GTA, some areas are still experiencing a buyer’s market. If your home is in one of those markets, you need to pull out all the stops in order to convince buyers that your property is worth what you’re asking. Staging helps to do just that – and it isn’t likely to cost you as much as lowering your price would.


Staging isn’t just about having someone come into your home and throw around a few pillows before having the photos taken. It is done in two stages. The first stage consists of you doing small repairs, painting, decluttering and putting away personal objects. The second stage is when a professional will come and put the finishing touches to your décor to highlight some features and minimize some flaws. So staging is very interactive. It’s important that you be involved in the process. Take my word for it, you’ll be happy you were!

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