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How To Keep Your Home Show-Ready

How you live in your home when it’s on the market is different from how you normally live in it. If you’re serious about selling, you need to be prepared for buyers’ eyes at all times. Consider following these tips to keep your home in show-ready condition.


  • Don’t smoke indoors or cook food with strong odors. Take out the trash every morning. Keep your home smelling good but don’t fall for strong flowery air fresheners. More and more people are allergic to those and they can backfire. The best smell is the smell of “clean”.
  • Make some rooms ‘’off limits’’ for your own family until your home sells. If you can avoid using your dining room, formal living room, guest room or spare bathrooms, for example, you’ll have less cleaning to do.
  • Consider hiring a cleaning service before listing your home, perhaps on an ongoing basis until it sells. All you’ll have to do is light maintenance after they leave or between professional cleanings.
  • Keep a storage container, basket or bag handy. When you get last-minute calls for showings, throw everything that’s not in its designated place into your ‘’clutter catch-all, ‘’ and then stow it out sight.
  • Stash disposable cleaning wipes under your kitchen and bathroom sinks so you can quickly wipe down all the surfaces in those rooms with just one product.


  • Keep Small containers or baskets in bathrooms for toiletries when not in use and hide them in the vanity. Have two sets of towels : one for displaying, another for daily use (kept hidden).


  • Showings aren’t likely to happen early in the morning or after about 8 p.m. You may want to vacuum and tidy up before going to bed so that you only have to put away breakfast dishes and do a final dusting or wiping of surfaces before heading out the door in the morning.


Having your house on the market can be stressful. But if you put in the effort to have it show its best, you will likely minimize the amount of time your home is on the market and by the same token maximize your sale price. It’s well worth the effort.



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