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When selling a home, clear minds and cool hearts would ideally always prevail, but it’s not uncommon for emotions to get the better of home sellers. Below are four emotional mistakes sellers should avoid making.


  • Even in the current market conditions around the GTA, where we are experiencing more of a “seller’s market”, overpricing is the main reason why otherwise good homes don’t sell quickly or at all. It is currently tempting to throw caution to the wind and pick a price, any price. I think that’s a huge mistake in any market and a home should always be priced based on comparables. You can then let current market conditions take it where it may. Currently, we are seeing a lot of competing offers resulting in prices well above asking. Stick to the market data and don’t fall for factoring in sentimental value or for an ego-driven desire to ‘’beat’’ the neighbours.
  • Rejecting advice. Some sellers take offense to and reject their real estate rep’s advice about making certain changes to their home’s décor, receiving it as criticism of their personal taste. Rest assured, it’s in no way meant as such; rather, these suggestions are intended only to broaden your home’s appeal to more buyers so that it sells faster and for more money.
  • Rejecting offers. I come across sellers and buyers all the time who say “I don’t want to do the dance” of negotiating back and forth. Well, guess what? That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about “doing the dance”, it’s about finding the point at which a buyer is willing to pay a price that you are willing to accept. That is just part of the process. Rejecting offers, without negotiating, won’t get you any closer to your goal of making a sale – but keeping negotiations open by crafting a counter offer will.


  • Being at home during showings. Some sellers are reluctant to vacate their homes during showings. I understand how it can be difficult to surrender control and feel like strangers are roaming through your home. First, buyers are not going through you home alone. They are accompanied by a licenced realtor. Second, your presence will hinder buyers and make them feel rushed and uncomfortable. Not only do buyers not enjoy going through homes where the seller is present, it actually prevents them from having a good look – just what you don’t want when trying to sell. I know for a fact that buyers remember a lot less about a house where the seller was present than about a house where they were allowed to have a good look.

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